Confessions of a Tough Customer

NYCI am a tough customer.  When I deal with a business, regardless of the product or service provided, I have faith that I will be handled professionally, with friendliness, know-how and efficiency.  If any problems arise in the course of my service or transactions, I know I will be given the courtesy and understanding to resolve the situation to my satisfaction.  So why am I such a tough customer?  It may already be obvious – unfortunately, not every business runs perfectly with flawless execution.  Organizations are run by people and we must admit that we are not perfect.

Employee wellness means more than just the health of your staff.  Wellness includes personal competence and achievement that only comes with knowing the job like the back of your hand. What results is happy employees who stay with the company.

So, I have given myself a challenge.  When dealing with any business, I tend to look at how I am handled by the staff of a business from the point of view of the owner.  I think, “If this were my business, would I feel secure in how my employees are handling the day to day operations and would I be satisfied with how my clients and customers are treated?  Would I, as the owner feel like I could walk away and have total confidence that my staff will handle their jobs the same way I would?”  If not, then I get very interested in finding out why not and how it can be fixed.

I do believe that any person in any organization can be helped to become as good at their job as the owner of the company would be.

teamworkIn medical offices, quite often, the doctor has started the business from their passion for their specialty.  The doctor usually has a strong desire to help people.  They can be the best doctor, but no one ever teaches them the ins and outs of running a medical office on a day to day, week to week and year to year basis.  How do you manage the finances of the office?  How do you train someone to handle the front desk in a way that attracts new patients and sends everyone away with a smile on their face?

How do you manage to keep things growing and expanding without having to do all the work yourself?

Over the last few years I worked as an Office Manager of a busy medical office and for the last year I’ve been working as a Consultant with Personnel Matters.  Now I am completely armed with the tools to go into any business or medical office and get things running like a well-oiled machine!  If you are interested in finding out more about what I do, please feel free to contact me.  Phone: 646-832-8541.  Email


Jackie Mets is a professional Human Resources Consultant. Her job is to help business owners to achieve stability by developing processes and training systems so they can eventually train others to run the company exactly how they want it run and know that when they go for a 10 day vacation, everything does not fall apart!