Why do America’s leading corporations keep coming back to New York Health and Wellness Fairs?

One word – TRUST

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First Rate Health Fairs

New York Health and Wellness Fairs is a premier national health fair company based in New York. We deliver events for corporate employees, onsite, over an extended lunch period. We have a strong purpose to help you increase your company’s productivity and ROI. And health fairs can play a big part in that purpose. Our goal is to provide you with the highest-value health fairs possible, providing your employees with information and access to the services they need to be healthy and fit.  Healthy employees are happy, engaged in their jobs and loyal to the company that cares for them.

Increase Your ROI

We are on a mission to educate employees on health and wellness issues and treatments they may not have considered. Our service encourages medical and non-medical wellness treatments for your employees. This cuts down on lost productivity due to absenteeism. It has been discovered, statistically, that the largest cause of lost productivity to a business every year is employees showing up for work in pain, ill or with some unhandled physical problem.

We do the work, so
you don’t have to

You can depend on us to take care of virtually everything for your health fair, from beginning to end. The size of your fair is always adjusted to accommodate the size of your space and your staff. You tell us the services you want at your health fair and we arrange the presenters you want to arrive. All you are asked to do is let your employees know the date of the health fair and distribute the promotional material provided by us for your convenience. On-site set-up, coordination and execution is provided by us for you on the day of the fair.

Our Clients

View our top brands and happy clients, fully satisfied with our service.

Tiffany & Co.
Hearst Corporation
Thomson Reuters

What Our Clients Say

Many of our employees have come to know your company as ‘the best kept secret in town’ and have been delighted with the quality of care they have received from the doctors you bring with you.

So many times, we sit at our desk, day in and day out, and forget to invest in our own health and wellness. I’m so glad I’ve had had the opportunity to partner with you.

The fairs were all positive events that employees genuinely appreciated and enjoyed.

The health fair was a great event. It helped to finally find a doctor in the health plan with whom I feel comfortable.

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