Mother Nature’s Muscle Pain Solution

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According to the National Institutes of Health, pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. Pain is cited as the most common reason Americans access the health care system. It is a leading cause of disability and it is a major contributor to health care costs. Chronic pain is the most common cause of long-term disability.

Today, people continue to search for any solution they can find. This has, unfortunately, led to the use of painkillers and other drugs, resulting in chemical dependencies that bring with them new and bigger problems.  The result is an opioid epidemic in this country worse than any previous time in history.

mother nature

The good news is that there are natural solutions right in Mother Nature to provide relief without the need of dangerous drug solutions.  The solution is far infrared heat.  Far infrared heat is the same heat produced by our bodies and the sun.  It is not visible to the naked eye, but can be felt as warm and soothing heat that penetrates below the skin into the muscles of the body.

The application of heat to treat certain conditions has a long history. Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians used hot stones, wrapping them in hot blankets or immersing them into hot water or sand to treat breast masses. Twenty-four hundred years ago, the Father of Western medicine, Hippocrates, noticed tumor shrinkage after a fever and had the idea to induce fevers to cure diseases. Medical practitioners in ancient India used regional and whole-body hyperthermia (raising the body temperature) for healing purposes and anti-aging. Asians heated by the sun, with handmade mats with special stones to accumulate the thermal healing power of the sunlight, which was transferred to the body while sleeping on the mat.

woman sun arms openWhen used at higher temperatures, far infrared therapy can create a false fever in the body with its deeply penetrating heat from four to six inches into the body. A fever stimulates the immune system into producing more white blood cells, antibodies, and a protein called interferon, all of which work to protect your body against harmful microorganisms. All animals use fevers to strengthen their immune system when they are ill.

The deeply penetrating heat is very relaxing and soothes stressed muscles and reduces pain and inflammation.

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