Why Health Fairs?


Forward thinking employers and their top management have done the math. They know promoting the health and wellness of their employees is a promising key to reducing absences and improving overall productivity. Corporate America has decided that a culture of health is best for employees and that it just makes perfect business sense. Any way you look at it, it’s the smart approach to take.


The most obvious cause of reduced productivity in the workplace. Employees call in sick, have injuries or other unhandled physical conditions which could be prevented. Our aim is to raise employee awareness so they can maintain their wellness and prevent possible health issues.


Many employees come to work not feeling well. They work with back pain, allergies, arthritis, poor sleep patterns, high blood pressure and other physical conditions that impair their engagement in the job. They are not operating on all cylinders and are “not fully present” on the job. Their own performance is impaired and their illnesses can be passed on to other employees, affecting their performance as well. Presenteeism can potentially cost your business more in lost income than absenteeism.


The lost profitability on absenteeism and presenteeism and the accompanying medical costs to both employer and employee can be greater than one may think. Promoting employee health and wellness can result in lower healthcare expenses, improve attendance, create lower disability claims, result in fewer on-the-job injuries, boost morale and employee retention.

We do all the work, so you don’t have to

Your Human Resources team can leave the planning to us. We do the bulk of the work. You tell us what your company’s preferences and needs are, and we’ll customize your health fair according to your specifications. Let us help you get the pat on the back you deserve for a job well done! America’s corporate leaders trust us to plan their health fairs. When they tell us what they want, we listen.