A Therapy You Knead!

A Therapy You Knead!

Sore back? Tight muscles? Does sitting at a desk cause you to feel physically tight and uncomfortable? Is there a better solution than taking a pill to relieve the pain?

The answer: Yes, Professional Massage Therapy!


Most everyone loves a back rub. They are relaxing and comforting but did you know there are many health benefits to regular professional massage? Professional massage can be your natural solution. Professional Massage Therapists are trained in Anatomy, Physiology and medical massage.

Here are some of the healthy benefits you can expect when you get a professional massage:

1. Increased circulation: massage gets the blood circulating and helps aid the drainage of lymph. That means fewer hot or cold spots and better digestion and elimination of waste.

2. Musculoskeletal benefits: Relaxation of muscles and the subsequent improvement in chronic back and neck pain related to spinal subluxations. Tight muscles hold or pull the spine out of place and if not handled, can prevent chiropractic adjustments from being effective or make them unnecessarily painful.

3. Reduced stress. Most Americans are plagued with worries and massage helps regulate stress hormones.

The above points also have secondary benefits of better sleep, less headaches, cramps, and fewer and shorter illnesses.

Professional Massage Therapists know where to massage and what to avoid. While massage is generally safe, there are times it is NOT recommended. For example, massage would not be recommended during an active infection or illness, where there is acute inflammation, where there are open wounds on the skin, or during pregnancy (unless the therapist specifically trained to handle pregnant women and then only with a doctor’s approval).

Overall, massage is an easy to apply, healthy solutions to getting your body relaxed and on the road to a healthier lifestyle. And who doesn’t want that?


Mina Andres
LMT since 1990